My name is Matt G. Leger (pronounced "LAY-zhay"), and I'm a native-born Cajun from Lafayette, LA, USA. I've lived and worked in New Orleans, the Washington DC area, NYC, Philly, Atlanta and Africa—hence the company name.
For most of my life I have been fascinated with graphics and images, typefaces and logos. From the time I first discovered commercial art in junior high school, I knew this was the sort of work I wanted as a career. I went on to graduate from Louisiana State University's School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Since then I've been designing, drawing, writing and creating both print and digital content.
I've worked in printing, temporary staffing, non-profits, biotech research, advertising and as a freelancer both "on the side" and "between jobs." If you want details, check out my resumé (CV) in PDF or Word.
Find out more about me in my social-media links above...or you could just ask me.
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